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Reasons why you need a

Public Adjuster representing you:

  • Your insurance company has adjusters and experts looking out for their best interest, so should you
  • Hiring a Public Adjuster will maximize your claim and minimize your stress. We don’t get paid if you don’t get paid.
  • Property and Casualty Loss Adjusters specializes in representing you, the insured, not the insurance company. We fight for you and your rights and we provide you the peace of mind you deserve throughout the process.
  • With over 20 years of experience, the Property and Casualty Loss Adjusters team of experts is dedicated to one goal, satisfying you, the customer.  We handle all kinds of residential and commercial property damage claims resulting from:

Hurricanes / Tornadoes / Windstorms

Natural disasters such as; hurricanes, tornadoes, tropical storms and torrential downpours can cause devastating damages. These events may cause significant damage to your property. You may be entitled to repair and replacement of damaged structures such as; installation of a new roof, fencing, etc. In addition, living expenses may be covered if you cannot inhabit your home due to the resulting damage.


Marine Vessels / Aircraft

Marine vessels and aircraft can sustain damage during hurricanes, tornadoes, and severe storm/lighting event. They can also be susceptible to vandalism, theft and fire. In addition, your vessel may strike a submerged object, run aground, or have a collision with another vessel. We can help you obtain maximum compensation for the damage so that you can get out on the water again.


Fire / Smoke Damage

From a small grease fire in your kitchen to an entire home in flames, a fire in your home or property can be a devastating event. In addition to the damages caused by the fire itself, there can be damages due to smoke, soot, heat and the water used to extinguish the fire. In some cases, toxins may be created due to the burning of plastics and other substances. These toxins can be inhaled and can affect your health if not properly removed.


Water Damage

Water damage can result from broken or cracked pipes in any of the following: kitchen, bathroom, refrigerator, dishwasher and washing machine water supply lines. Cast iron pipes, p/trap, AC units, water heaters and faucets can also result in water damage. All of these can end up costing hundreds of dollars to repair and thousands of dollars in damage to your property.



Water damage and leaks can create an environment conducive to mold growth within your home. Mold can grow on dry wall, carpet and padding, wood and many other types of surfaces. Mold spores can have serious adverse effects on you and your family’s health, especially children and the elderly.


Burglary / Theft/ Vandalism

Vandalism such as graffiti, window breakage, arson and/or destruction of property within your home or business can dramatically affect your daily life and may result in business interruption. Our adjusters can help you obtain the necessary compensation to repair and replace such damage.

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  • We are an experienced team of experts totalling over 20 years in the industry
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  • We consult with attorneys, roofers, general contractors, and engineers to ensure that you get the maximum amount of compensation for your claim

PCLA Services has assisted thousands of property owners, business owners, and condominium associations negotiate their insurance claim settlements. Our mission is to provide our clients with the very best professional insurance adjusting, loss consulting, and appraisal services to maximize their claims.

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